Michelangelo and Francilla thought up Coreterno while touring the streets of Lower East Side Manhattan a few years ago. It was a dream, an omen, now it’s a reality”. And yet Coreterno is Roman to the core—refined and precious as Italy’s capital city. It is, in fact, headquartered in Rome, on a marvelous old backstreet forgotten by time, an enclave of creative and magical secrets. 

The name, Coreterno, also calls to mind the city of unequalled beauty, and is the result of merging together two words. Core means heart in Roman dialect and fulcrum or nucleus in English.Eterno is homage to the proprietors’ Roman character.For us it stands for creativity and full-blooded passion—the driving forces, the linchpin behind the Italian spirit, which is limitless; in fact, we want to export it out of our country. 


Living in Rome,constantly reminds us that we are the product of the work and dreams of all those who came before us, we want to bring a piece of that spirit to the frenetic and, at times, too speedy New York.”  The young couple love to refer to themselves as animals on stage. They have always worked in fashion and art. They believe in change, in rebirth, which is exactly why Coreterno is the creative product of their encounter.
They combine an eighteenth-century Victorian heart with elements of teenage slang, Rock symbols and Punk icons. Francilla and Michelangelo have long aspired to create fashion that unnerves, to carve an aesthetic cliff against the sea of uniformity, to make accessories, rock star houses, philosophers’ closets, serial killers’ sock drawers, to make the world [their] stage. And that’s just what they’ve done.


The first step was to offer the public a line of “Dis.Order” T-shirts, which became an instant social phenomenon, sported by V.I.P.s from the music and film industry, including TV Hosts of Xfactor and The Voice Italy J-Ax, Fedez, Emma Marrone, Arisa, Alessandro Cattelan and many others. “One day we got a phone call. It was Asia Argento, the Italian actress and director. She wanted us to make her outfit for the red carpet at Cannes,” the pair tells us, beaming. 

Next came their line of home“Visionary Candles” . The candles are carefully crafted using organic wax: this is why each candle is unique, non repeatable, fruit of many mistakes, sacrifices, sleepless nights, smeared hands, patience and endless joy.  They have a vintage charm, with black-and-white labels bearing phrases about moods and frames of mind, because the couple believes in the immense beauty and salvific power of words." With their Visionary Candles,  Michelangelo and Francilla, want to breathe new life into inanimate objects and let people discover the mystery, the magic, and the soul healing power in each candle. For about a year, they're working in our magical loft in Bushwhick : one of the most artistic and vibrant neighborhoods of New York City.