It All began in rome...

She was a TV Host. He was an artist. 

Francilla Ronchi was in the midst of filming a series that interviewed local Roman artisans and explored new creative growth in the ancient city when she walked into artist and designer, Michelangelo Brancato's studio.

The TV segment aired a few months later but the two didn't speak until a few years later when they met by chance, falling in love and getting married 7 months later. 

CORETERNO was born out of their love for each other and their fascination of the balance between darkness and light, history and pop culture. Through CORETERNO, Francilla and Michelangelo strive to modernize mystery, while understanding that sometimes some things are better left mysterious and unexplored.

Welcome to the wonderfully intriguing world of CORETERNO.



i-Italy Magazine

"Their work should be looked at closely, grasped, held in one's hands."


4 Fashion Look

"Coreterno perfectly captures the mysticism of Italian literature, occultism and spirituality creating wonderfully intriguing products." 



"Coreterno will shock you with its provocative and unique style."